Explosion in Nováky - Slovakia (02/03/2007)

An explosion in a military factory in charge of dismounting old ammunitions took place in Nováky (Slovakia) on March 2nd 2007 at 15:28 UTC (link to the event description).
It caused 3 casualties and 5 persons are still reported missing 3 days after the explosion. A witness sent us the pictures which show the effects on the explosion on the town of Nováky.
This main explosion was characterised by a magnitude of 2.2. It was preceded 1 minute and 10 seconds before by a smaller explosion of magnitude 0.6, detected only the Slovak and Czech networks.
The explosion was heard at more than 50 kilometres and generated an earthquake of magnitude 2.2. Windows were broken up to 10 kilometers.

Here are links to Slovak internet portal SME with the news: http://www.sme.sk/rubrika.asp?vyd=20070305&rub=smeprint_vybnov

Acknowledgment: We would like to express our thanks to Peter Labak for sharing the information